Miniature Holder V.3(90mm)

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Uchwyt do malowania figurek z oparciem na palec, który możesz kojarzyć z kilku moich filmów.

Brak w magazynie


Miniatureholder for objects up to 90mm height.

A smart holder system for painting and sculpting tabletop and board game miniatures – touchless, comfortable and much more precise.

The V3 Series Holder System is comprised of Holders, Grips, and Adapters to provide painters and sculptors of all levels of expertise with a unique aid for their painting or sculpting arsenal. The V3 Series Miniature Holder System offers a comfortable, touchless, and precision application for miniatures, sculpts, and flat figures up to 90 mm (3.5?) and miniature busts up to 1/9 scale.

The Holder is a precision turned hardwood base. Miniatures and sculpting armatures can easily be fixed to the Holder with a split conical cork by simply pushing the cork into the socket.
Attaching to the Holder is a removable 360* rotatable metal bar designed to eliminate muscular stress and provide greater stability for both hands. This bar utilizes the same principle of stability as a billiard cue supported by a side cushion. Using the bar shortens the distance from the last fixed point to the brush tip which helps reduce the tremble of the brush tip or tool tip. Additionally, you do not need to touch your piece during the entire work phase. This ensures that molded volumes and shapes will not deform, and painted areas will not acquire dirt or oil from handling.

The V3 Series Holder is now available with three different bar sizes:

– 50 mm = about 2,0″
– 70 mm = about 2,8″
– 90 mm = about 3,5″

Note: The base part is always the same! Just the sizes of the metal bars can be chosen!

Improvements to the new V3 Series Holder:

– The split conical cork is 30% larger providing more space for your figure.
– The base is made of precise turned hardwood
– The 50% weight reduction allows the hands to have less tension and be more relaxed providing a more comfortable grip.
– The overall design creates greater stability for miniatures or armatures
– a nice lasered design makes the holders more grippy.


– minimizes the natural muscle tremble of your hands for maximumcontrolof brush tip, modeling tool, sculpting tool, or airbrush.
– No need to touch the figure once it is in the Holder. This eliminates dirt and oil on painted surfaces, and molded shapes won?t accidentally deform.
– The professional ergonomic design increases comfort level for prolonged use.
– easy and intuitive to use with multiple variations possible.
– usable with brushes, modelling tools and even with an airbrush.
– removable, split conical cork. Replacement corks will be available from us in the future!
– The 360* rotatable bar disassembles for both easy priming and removing of finished pieces.
– usable in either right or left hand.
– Cork adapters are removable for quick mounting and release of figures and are designed for versatility including use with pre-glued and custom bases.
– Made by a passionate artist, for passionate artists.

All our products are carefully handcrafted and accurately produced. All wood and cork parts are natural products. Defects in grain, natural dry cracks or knotholes are not defects and therefore no reason for complaint or exchange. For all wood parts, the room temperature for optimum storage is approx. 18 ° C. In winter, storage in heated rooms is recommended. High humidity and humidity fluctuations are to be avoided in principle.

1 opinia dla Miniature Holder V.3(90mm)

  1. Bartosz Olbryś

    Świetny, najlepszy na rynku z oparciem na dłoń model nie wyślizguje się a pałąk jest idealnie dopasowany do mojego ułożenia ręki a jak przeszkadza to łatwo go przesunąć. potrzebujesz uchwytu – to tylko tego.

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